Frequently asked questions

I’m afraid of heights, can I fly in a hot air balloon?

Since you are not connected to the ground, you don’t feel dizzy in a hot air balloon.

As soon as the balloon leaves the ground, it stays perfectly stable as you drift along, floating on air. You’ll feel completely safe as you enjoy the amazing views from the basket.

Can the pilot steer the balloon?

The balloon cannot be steered.

Flights depend on wind speed and direction.
The pilot controls the balloon by climbing or descending into winds going different directions.

A hot air balloon flight is more than just a casual ride, it is an exciting experience where you don’t know where you’ll end up until just a few seconds before you land.
It is this spirit of adventure that makes hot air ballooning so unique and unforgettable. Each flight is different.

How long is my boarding pass valid?

The boarding pass is valid for one year from the date of issue indicated on the boarding pass.

If during this period, your flight is cancelled due to the weather, the pass will automatically be renewed for an additional year.

Can I buy a flight for an elderly or disabled person?

Our flights are accessible to anyone who:

  • Can walk without assistance and climb into the basket (1.20m (4 ft) high)
  • Can stand up for 2 hours
  • Can squat down for landing
  • Can hold on to a handle with both hands
  • Has no medical contraindications

Mobility impaired people and people over 75 years of age must notify us, and we will check to see whether they can be accommodated. We can take steps to facilitate their safety. Only a doctor is authorized to indicate if it is safe for passengers with health conditions to fly.

Why do most flights take place at dawn?

For several years, we have observed that evening flights have become more difficult due to climate change, with stronger winds, upper air instability and the risk of thunder storms.

Morning flights ensure a risk-free experience and are therefore preferable. Morning flights also offer softer light and lower temperatures that provide greater freedom in terms of flight.

I get cold easily, should I wear a snowsuit?

You don’t have to come dressed like an Arctic trapper. Dress as if you were going to go for a walk on the Crete des Vosges, at the same time of year.

During the flight, passengers are warmed by the heat contained in the envelope. Since the balloon moves at the same speed as the wind, you don’t feel the wind blowing.
The coldest part of the flight is while the balloon is being inflated on the ground.

What is the best time to fly in a hot air balloon?

There is no best time to fly in a hot air balloon. Each flight is different, and each season offers different scenery and opportunities, so your experience will be amazing no matter when you go.

My flight was cancelled due to weather conditions. What should I do?

We may have to cancel your flight for safety reasons, based on weather forecasts indicating potential risks. The balloon can only fly under specific conditions, so please understand that we prefer to cancel and reschedule a flight rather than take unnecessary risks.

If your flight is cancelled, please contact us by phone to reschedule your flight.

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