Hot air ballooning

Hot air ballooning A unique and unforgettable experience

A little history

In 1783, two brothers from a papermaking family in Ardèche built a paper envelope with the idea of flying high among the clouds.
They used the smoke from a fire to fill their balloon and began one of the greatest adventures: flying.

The equipment and technology have advanced a great deal since then, but it is still possible to experience the magic of soaring high in the sky, without engines or mechanical systems.

The magic of hot air ballooning

In our wicker baskets, you drift weightlessly above the scenery, without experiencing a fear of heights.

Hot air ballooning is an experience that leads to contemplation. As soon as you take off, you’ll discover that the balloon floats along serenely and smoothly. You enjoy a moment of grace, outside time and space, revelling in the beauty of nature, with the feeling of being at the centre of the world.

Carried by the winds, the balloon drifts silently for a journey with no destination or borders.

Unforgettable, poetic, unique


La magie d'un vol

Hot air ballooning is for anyone who is curious and loves amazing landscapes and nature or who wants to realize a childhood dream.

It’s absolutely magical when you drift just above the treetops or the roofs of villages, when you follow the rolling hills of the vineyards, when you call out to the people on the ground or when you see some deer running across a field.

It’s also magical when, at 3,000 feet, you see the sun rising above the Black Forest and waking up the Alsace Plain.

And it’s just indescribable when at 10,000 feet, in the bluest of skies, you contemplate the entire Vosges Mountain range and see the Mont-Blanc in the distance.

preparer vol

Aerovision has shared the joy of flight with thousands of passengers

A little technical information

The equipment we use, while it may seem archaic, meets proven aeronautical standards. Each balloon is composed of:

  • a polyamide envelope (the largest envelope in our fleet is 8500m3, 30 metres high and 28 metres wide).
  • a wicker basket with steps to climb in. Some baskets have compartments.
  • cylinders filled with liquid phase propane (we consume up to 120 kg of gas for one flight).
  • 2 to 4 burners (depending on the size of the balloon) to burn the propane and heat the envelope.

During the flight, the pilot will vary the internal temperature of the balloon using the burner. Depending on the internal temperature of the balloon compared to the ambient air temperature, the balloon will rise, fall or remain stable at a specific altitude. The expertise of balloon pilots consists in physically feeling and anticipating the reactions of the balloon, based on external factors.

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