Take a flight with Aerovision

Take a flight with Aerovision From dream to reality

I would like to take or gift a hot air balloon flight

  1. You can fly with Aérovision whether you are on your own or with a group
  2. Passengers choose the flight date according to their desires and availability
  3. You can order and pay online on this website or come to our office.
  4. Aérovision will mail you a lovely boarding pass that you can give to your recipient. When buying online, you can also print a temporary pass if you are in a hurry.


We fly all year round, subject to good weather conditions, in other words, calm winds and good visibility.

Flights take place during the week, on weekends and public holidays.

For safety reasons, our flights take off at dawn and sometimes in the late afternoon. Atmospheric conditions are safest during the two hours after dawn and before dusk.


Description of a flight


Aerovision transports you from the meeting point to the launch site.
After a briefing, you will be able to participate in the inflation of the balloon, and then it is time to take off.


We fly at different altitudes depending on the landscape, wind conditions and any great opportunities we encounter.
Hot air balloons cannot be steered, so each flight is truly unique.

The balloons do not return to the take-off point. Support vehicles follow their path on the ground.


When we return to earth, it is time to enjoy a bite to eat together. We serve breakfast or a light meal after every flight, with pastries, Crémant d’Alsace sparkling wine and a personalized maiden voyage certificate according to the tradition


The actual flight time varies between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the altitude reached, weather conditions, gas consumption and landing opportunities.

The total duration of the trip is about 5 hours.

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Let’s take flight!


Our flights are accessible to anyone in good health who can walk without assistance and who can climb into our baskets (1.20m (4 ft) high), and who has no medical contraindications.

Mobility-impaired passengers must notify us and we will decide whether we can accommodate them. We may impose boarding restrictions (boarding only in very calm winds, for example). Only a doctor is authorized to indicate if it is safe for passengers with health conditions to fly.

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